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Being a Product Development Engineer

28 April 2021

Product Development Engineer, a position where ideas and vision are encouraged.

Taking ideas and moulding and developing them to the highest possible standard so that they can be produced and taken to market.

The product development engineer selects materials, prototyping, tooling, and manufacturing methods that will not only be cost-effective but also satisfy the company’s definition of the product. The engineer generates the drawings and models that will be used for tooling, prototyping, defining patents, marketing, branding, and manufacturing. Some product development engineers, versed in numerous facets of business development and implementation, will even help with advertising, packaging, and testing if needed.



A unique set of conditions manifest during the maturation of the product idea, which includes finances, accountability of duties, timelines, and goals. A seasoned product development engineer will be quite used to these constraining conditions and consider them to be nominal and routinely deal with each condition effectively.

A product development engineer can often be characterised as a person who relishes in learning and imitating how products are made and how they function, by understanding the inner workings. Inherently, most engineers have a tendency toward creativity, problem-solving, and an almost entrepreneurial mindset.



These attributes, as well as others, provide product development engineers an advantage in designing products that appeal to the consumer. We have partnered with a business in Stirlingshire, who work hard to hire and keep elite product development engineers, in order to design, create and implement new, modern, and state-of-the-art products for their clients. They value how important a product development engineer is to the business. As they know that quality engineers lead to business success.


Career Opportunities

So, if you’re an inventive and energetic engineering professional, looking to join a manufacturing operation in the heart of Scotland who are at the top of their game, then I would love to speak to you in more detail about a role that encourages career development and personal growth.

Product Development Engineer – Stirlingshire

For more information on this role, email: martin.gemmell@engagerecruit.co.uk



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