What We Do


At Engage Recruitment, we are committed to ensuring that all candidates registered with us are provided with the highest level of support that we can provide. The more informed you are, the better you will be able to deal with finding a new position most suited to you, your circumstances and your career aspirations.


As an Engage Recruitment candidate, you can expect to receive support in various forms–personal meetings, CV content advice, interview techniques, and preparation. All this is free of charge – there is no cost to candidates!


Our consultants will work with you to ensure that your CV communicates your experience and strengths and is the best reflection of you as a prospective new employee. Before we submit your CV to any of our clients, we will interview you for the opportunity, ensuring that there is the correct skills match and, as importantly, the right culture and values fit. We work hard to reflect what our clients look for in any new employee and won’t put a round peg in a square hole!


We will ensure you are well prepared to meet our client and have a full and comprehensive brief on the role, the structure and the career opportunities within the organisation. We will prepare you for the interview by equipping you with techniques to answer questions proficiently and concisely and help with the softer skills you’ll want to evidence at the interview.


Following the interview, we will manage the feedback, provide you with excellent news and manage your acceptance, coaching you through handing in your notice, working your notice period and keeping in touch right up to starting your new position.


Should the role not be the one for you, we’ll ensure you have the feedback you require to make the next interview have a better outcome. We are passionate about working with you to achieve your career goals!