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Nicole Mellough

Head of Engineering & Construction

Before I got Engaged


I have worked in recruitment for about 4 years now, working with both small and large organisations. Initially working within the technical and engineering business, I covered a variety of roles from maintenance to design, within a variety of sectors including pharmaceutical and aerospace industries. However, recently I focused on commercial construction recruitment, which was a massive learning curve but one I thoroughly enjoyed.

Before I worked in recruitment I started off in retail before living in Australia for a year, where I worked in face-to-face sales. After coming home I found recruitment was a happy medium of both customer service and direct sales and haven’t looked back since.


Why I got Engaged


With 2020 being such a difficult year, I wasn’t sure if moving was a good idea due to the uncertainty everyone was in. However, as soon as I met Anne-Marie and the team, it felt like the right fit for me. The way they not only approached recruitment and other business services, but the leadership and company values were exactly what I was looking for and felt I could learn a great deal from this experienced team!


What Engages Me


I am a complete social butterfly (or was before 2020)! I love going out with friends for food or drinks, I am not one to be sitting in the house! I also like travelling to new places and seeing different countries and spending time with my family.

I enjoy going to the gym or doing anything that challenges me…it brings out my competitive side as long as it stays fun.

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