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June Walker

Non Executive Director


Before I got Engaged

I have over 25 years of leadership experience in the financial sector, including banking, asset finance and cash flow finance. I've acquired a great deal of knowledge of businesses in a variety of areas and have become a trusted advisor to many entrepreneurs.

I also have experience of running a small business, so I believe I bring added value to Engage.


Why I got Engaged

I have a keen eye for talent management and coaching and I enjoy mentoring. I'm passionate about developing people and business leaders to realise their full potential and I love using my natural curiosity and ability, to challenge positively, in helping senior teams grow their business.


What Engages Me

As a change agent, I am never afraid to constructively challenge the status quo and develop new proposals, whilst never allowing my high ethical standards, personal integrity or sense of fairness slip. 

I am a strong Ambassador who happily develops and promotes networks, alliances and customer engagement.

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0141 406 5468