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National Apprenticeship Week!

7 February 2024

For most school leavers deciding on what career/education route to take can be tough. It’s been highlighted many times how effective apprenticeships can be for people to earn while learn working the actual role and gaining that vital experience that serves you well in the long run.

Most people think apprenticeships can only be gained in certain areas of a company, however, working with @scottishengineering has highlighted an opportunity that can actually go under the raider for a lot of people in the Scottish jobs market.

Graduate apprenticeships can be an amazing way to get into engineering and manufacturing, gaining work experience while going through a university degree or further develop into gaining a master’s degree.

With connections in a variety of Universities across Scotland, the company and education programme is set up to ensure successful learning while having that comfort of knowing you have job security at the end of your degree plus 4 years’ experience.

With lots of options available through Apprenticeships.Scot and information from Scottish engineering it’s an amazing way to get into the world of engineering and manufacturing!


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