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8 Tips on how to prepare your CV

4 July 2022


As recruiters, we know what makes potential employers jump at the chance to have you on their team and what makes them run for the hills.


Here are the Engage tips on wowing your next potential employer.  



1. Before you start writing your CV, prepare by thinking about your career highlights over the years, these will be your differentiators and selling points and why a new employer will hire you. You should include these in your CV, which shouldn't just be a list of jobs.  


2. When it comes to a CV, the less, the better. Remove unnecessary information while still allowing your true character to emerge. This is your sales brochure; let the reader get to know you while keeping it concise. 



3. Remove photographs; they are unnecessary unless you must include them on a CV. A photo will not make your CV stand out and may trigger unconscious bias in the reader.  


4. Your CV should have an active and not a passive voice, so please use action verbs which highlight the impact, such as monitored, pioneered, engineered and led. Back up this with proper scenarios.



5. Accuracy – simple one this, but make sure that there are no errors in the CV, not just spelling and grammar but also that your dates of employment make sense and there are no gaps in the CV.    


6. Make it quantifiable if you can. If you have achieved objectives that have a measurable outcome, i.e. saving money, improving efficiencies, then include these – it's awe-inspiring.



7. Don't forget to add in continuing professional development, many employers look for candidates who have continued to develop themselves so add in any work-related courses or qualifications that support your next move.  


8. Have a clear and concise structure that is easy to follow and read. Use lots of white space – don't overcrowd the pages, make it brief and easy to read. The use of graphics can add a bit of colour, however, they should never overshadow the substance of the CV.



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