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How to make your new teammates feel welcomed

12 April 2022


It can be fascinating for new employees to start a new role, but it can also feel very intimidating and awkward during their first few weeks in the office.



As a company and individual, it is vital that you are as welcoming as possible to avoid your new employees feeling marginalised or ignored. Here are some ideas for supporting the newbie to make the transition as smoothly as possible.


Remember YOUR first day


It's easy to forget what it was like starting with a new company and how it made us feel; we don't think about it when someone new comes to join the team, as we are too busy getting our jobs done.



So, put yourself in the other person's shoes. They will be eager to make a good impression. Ask them questions about things they know about and are comfortable speaking about; making the first conversation encounter will ease their nervousness.


Formed cliques 


Let's revisit your first day; you didn't know anyone and had no one to sit next to or go to lunch with; it can be lonely. We have all experienced it one way or another; that's probably how your new colleague feels.



You may have already formed your clique at work, and that's who you go to lunch with or have conversations with within the office; why not invite the newbie along, introduce them to everyone, and make them feel welcomed.


Remember, it's harder to become a new member of an existing team as you have already formed relationships, so don't be unapproachable to the newbie; you never know they might be like you.


Be the go-to person 


When joining a new company, getting up to speed with the different terms used to describe something can be difficult at first and will be familiar knowledge to the rest of the team. There will be follow-up processes, various contacts to remember, and how to approach them. It's different in every company, so be patient with the new person.



Maybe suggest or create a list to give to new starts coming into the office of all the contacts and terms they use within the office, and it means they can refer to it and makes them feel more included. They don't feel like they are asking everyone constantly, which can become very embarrassing.


Remember, you were a newbie once, so think back to that time and consider what you would have liked people to do for you to make you feel more welcomed and apply that to your new team members. 





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