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Recruiters vs Direct applying for jobs

13 December 2021


Have you ever thought, “I am not applying for this role because it’s with an agency”?


I bet you have at one point, or even still do.


What if we told you all the good things about applying through agencies vs directly applying to companies?



Experts within the market  


We are experts within specific fields of markets. For example, Manufacturing, Engineering and Construction, among many others.


We have knowledge and market information that is useful for you to take the next steps within your career such as what the indicative salaries are or the skill sets which are in demand. 



Time Savers


Ever sat down and decided your going to look for another job, and 3 hours later you’re still looking?

We know what jobs are on the market, and we know what companies are good and bad apples.



Once we know what you are looking for in a job we can take your CV out to market with your consent, and you don’t need to do a thing. We do all the leg work to make sure it’s as smooth as possible for you.


Unconditional Support


From the start of the application process to the end, we are there every step of the way. When preparing for your first interview, we know the dos and don’ts of what makes a good interview.


We also have the advantage of already having a good relationship with the hiring managers and can guide you about those expectations that are not part of the job description, but will be key decision points. 



We also know the structure of the interview and what types of questions may be asked. We can guide you through them before your interview.  We coach you on interview techniques, providing feedback on your interview style and setting you up for success. 




Have you applied for a role or even attended an interview with a company, but never heard anything back? Unfortunately, this happens from time to time when you apply directly to companies, so you don’t know where exactly you went wrong.



We understand this is frustrating and always try to provide feedback after your interview. If you are unsuccessful, we will go through your feedback and pinpoint where you went wrong and guide you on what you could change for next time.

Winning Negotiations


Been offered the job? But the salary isn’t what you expected, and you need to ask for an increase? It can be very intimidating.



This is where we come in - we can handle it and have the awkward conversation for you, as we deal with this daily. We know the market rate, so we know what you are worth, what you deserve and, as a result, we are able to push back without damaging the relationship in the process.


So, why would you not want to work with Recruiters?



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