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Tips on how to prepare for a job change

14 October 2021


So, you’ve decided it’s time for a job change, great! But where do you start?


It can be a daunting experience searching for a role, especially if you haven’t done it for several years. Don’t worry we have your back, have a look at some steps to follow when looking for your next career path.


Strengths and interests


It's great you want to move role but what does your next role look like? Weigh up your strengths and what you like doing and what you despise doing. This can determine the type of role you are going to be applying for.


You don’t want to apply for a role that you aren’t going to enjoy so it’s a good way to know yourself and make sure it’s the right fit for you.





Applying for jobs is one thing but you have other steps to take into consideration that take the most time such as:


  • Preparing a CV (if you don’t already have one)

  • Researching companies

  • Completing applications

  • Interview preparation


It’s a good way to carve out time for each step and setting a realistic schedule to take the pressure off.





Social platforms such as LinkedIn are your best friend when searching for jobs. Following potential companies and connecting with potential recruiters could be your golden ticket to your dream job.


Keeping your profile up to date with relevant information such as work experience, a professional profile picture and include your skills to open up more opportunities makes it easier for potential recruiters to notice you.


As well as social platforms, speak to people you know and trust for any opportunities you never know they might know someone who knows someone who is hiring.



Stand out from the crowd


Learning new skills can be very beneficial for boosting your CV and expanding your opportunities.


Learning new skills is a good idea if you are thinking about changing your career completely. There are loads of online courses, night classes and some of them are free, so get learning to stand out from all the rest.



Refresh your wardrobe


Some people might say first impressions don’t count well we know that they absolutely do. First impressions count especially at job interviews, so present yourself in the best way possible, another way to stand out.   


Follow these steps and you could ace yourself that dream job. 




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