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If The Shoe Fits

19 September 2019

At the beginning of this year, I decided to start running as I wanted to lose weight and get fit.


Now, I'm a bit of a stranger to any kind of formal exercise so, for me, this was a big leap into the unknown. However, I had made my mind up, I needed to improve my health and well-being and this was the way forward.


Step one:

Get the right tools to perform and not the black gutties I'd had since my thirties!

So, I made my way to a well-known superstore to buy a pair of running shoes. It turns out, the choice of running shoes is overwhelming; colours, styles, brands...I was a little taken aback (I was in a rush also, which didn't help).


I picked a pair of running shoes, tried them on, even walked up and down the store for a bit to make sure that they were a good fit, job done!


Or so I thought...


Day one of the new regime

Feeling good in my brand new, shiny shoes with my plan and objective, I start running.


Ok, maybe it was more 'fast walking' but all seemed good. Five minutes later, I'm still going strong, but I'm beginning to feel a rub on my left heel, a further five minutes in and sure enough, the twinges had spread to my right heel.


Twenty minutes in and I was in trouble. The shoes were holding me back, impeding my performance and I was failing. There was no way I was going to reach my first objective, not to mention the blisters the size of Ireland on my heels. 


The shoes were the wrong fit. I headed home, dejected.


Step Two:

It was time to partake in a little research.


I went shopping again, but this time, to a proper running shop. I had my feet measured, took advice from experienced staff, ran on the running machine as they suggested for a bit (embarrassing!), and bought a pair of shoes that were fit for purpose. Since then...my performance has improved dramatically!


Wait. Isn't this just the same as making the wrong decision in Recruitment?

We have a choice.


Normally, we make a quick decision based on the experience and qualifications and likeability of the person, only to find that the fit is actually wrong - with all of the negative impacts that this brings to business performance and the well-being of the team. Not to mention, your credibility as a leader.


Take your time

to work with specialists, take their advice and it will make a transformational difference to your enjoyment and performance.


In my many years of recruitment and as a business owner, I've come to the conclusion that while hiring for expertise is important, it is critical that you hire for values, to power-up your success.


At Engage Recruitment

we know how to match candidates who share your values, we know how to attract the right fit.


And the running...? I ran my first 10K in May this year...and I'm still wearing the same shoes.




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