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The Start-Up Journey: 2nd Time Around

1 March 2019

A year ago, I started on my second new adventure in 20 years - the starting up of a brand new business!


So, welcome to Engage Recruitment!

I was every bit as excited and nervous as the first time, if not more so. Starting a new business at any time can be gruelling, challenging and a risky adventure, but when you have reached a certain age you do start to wonder; "Can I do this again?"


The answer is; if you want to do it, you can do it! Yes, it's tough. Yes, it's scary. What it also is though, is fantastically exciting, liberating and most of all...FUN! For every low, there are uncountable highs and every day is a school day. So after this manic, hectic, exhilarating first year, I've reflected on the adventure so far. The conclusion; the lessons that you learn as you mature as a leader, really pay forward in any new challenge and adventure you face.


For me, there are two lessons that I would encourage every start-up to live by - surround yourself with people who are better than you AND set out your purpose and values, and always engage and empower your team to live them.


A real thirst for development helps too. Keep learning, seek out opportunities to learn from the best and pay attention to your skills - are these still in line with what you need to get to the next level?


As I look around the team here at Engage Recruitment, every single person adds something unique to the culture, by living the values. We have an inclusive and empowered environment where everyone feels valued, including me. It means that when we do have 'set-backs', we support and encourage each other and when we have 'wins', we celebrate and are generally delighted for each other.


I feel really thankful to have such a great team around me, I look forward to every day and most of all, I'm having the best fun of my professional life!


So, go on. Get engaged in whatever makes you happy professionally.


I promise, you will never look back.



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