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Gregg Swan


Before I got "Engaged". Like most people, I fell into recruitment by accident! After spending a few years in technical sales (I was lured by the Escort XR3i) 

I met a recruitment business owner who sold me the dream. The first candidate I placed just happened to have been unemployed for over four months. His reaction to my job offer got me hooked. I wish everyone would react that way!

The next 23 years has seen me become a specialist recruiter within the manufacturing sector, recruiting Engineers through to MD level and progress from trainee consultant, through to Management, working for companies like Search Consultancy and Hudson and eventually Managing Director of my own company which I ran for 8 years.


Why I got Engaged

Easy. The people and their values. It was SO refreshing to meet like-minded people who wanted to offer more than what was already out there. I know everyone SAYS this but not many demonstrate it. The conversations all revolved around this theme.  Also, the company wasn’t afraid to turn away business if those clients didn’t share our values. What was the point? We LOVE going to the market with a client and really enjoy telling their story and representing them as a true business partner.

I worked with Anne-Marie and Yvonne almost twenty years ago. It was fantastic to be back together again even though I have become even funnier, whilst their patter remains the same!

What Engages Me?

As a father of two young girls, obviously these two are my first and last thought each day. A lot of my spare time is spent at Roller Discos, Ice skating and gymnastics clubs. I sometimes even take the girls along (ha ha) I am also teaching myself piano (French film themes for some odd reason) and much to my wife’s pleasure, love spending hours in the kitchen rattling up something interesting.

After twenty three years in the recruitment industry, I can honestly say that I still get a huge thrill out of it. You get a real buzz when you find someone the job of their dreams and it’s really great to be in a position where you can successfully place individuals that can make a real positive impact to a client. It’s a real privilege to be a key part of this.

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