​Colin Rowley, Non-Executive Director

Before I got Engaged

I first started work many years ago at the Blair Drummond safari park; It was so long ago, it wasn’t just the zebras that were in black and white. Every job became so much easier when I was working in a team, particularly humour helped us get through the day. After that, I joined the company, which I now own - 

Dron & Dickson in 1990. My first job was as a storeman/delivery driver, there wasn't many people working for them in those days, so I used to take the opportunity to drop off catalogues or update clients that I’d spoken to on the phone when they’d expedited orders. This allowed me to build up a rapport with certain customers, and it wasn’t long before they would ask me to help with other enquiries. By default, I’d discovered that I really enjoyed selling. It struck me as a great job. You get paid to meet people and talk to them about stuff you have in common and enjoy.

This allowed me to become a company director and was appointed to the board. I took this responsibility seriously and I felt my career was taking off, encouraging me to develop by taking on studying at evening classes at my local college. With hindsight, I should have studied harder at school, however, when coupled with practical day to day work to test some of the theoretical information I was learning, the benefit of training and education became much more obvious.

As I type this, in 2018, I can reflect on our achievements to date – buying out the company, surviving the banking crisis that immediately followed, growing the business to a level were we regularly feature in the Top 500 Scottish businesses and being awarded Entrepreneur of the Year in 2012 in the much respected Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year competition. The biggest achievement is that after 27 years at Dron & Dickson, I still love and respect all of my team. I’m a lucky person!

Why I got “Engaged” 

I’ve been fortunate to have known Anne Marie for many years. She is a best friend and I highly value her opinion and input. She has a unique approach to recruitment, and having interacted with a number of recruitment companies, I haven’t found anyone or any company that does it her way. I fully supported her on her ambitions and desire to start her new business, and was flattered when she asked if I would consider working alongside her as a Non-Executive Director.

The same passion and desire for success that motivate me, match those of Anne Marie’s attitude. I know it’s an excellent opportunity to learn about a what makes for successful recruitment, and a chance to work with a life long friend with matching values.

Having been introduced to the team at Engage, I have also been honoured to have met people who share in the desire to grow the company, and they are a great natured and infectiously enthusiastic bunch. You can’t help but smile when you cross their threshold.

What Engages me

People! I like meeting people, hearing their different stories, backgrounds, experiences, likes and dislikes. The variety never ceases to surprise me, creating a chance to learn something from the most unexpected of conversations. It’s a great leveller and keeps your feet on the ground – no one person’s experience is ever the same and, irrespective of position, those feelings and interactions are the very same things we have in common. Diversity and difference in all walks of life, and in the case of employment, no two candidates are ever the same, irrespective of qualifications, skills and competence. Every day is a school day and I consider myself lucky enough to be able to experience it day by day.

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