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Chris Munoz

Candidate & Marketing Manager

Before I got Engaged

I have been working in media for the majority of my career, which I loved, unfortunately there was no smokey corner office, a ‘booze drawer’ or a Cuban cigar in sight (ala Mr Don Draper). It was all very creative however and I really enjoyed working out how to use both artwork and digital technologies to full effect. After this, I went full on contractual marketing both traditionally and digitally, helping businesses gain the most of today’s ever-changing digital world. I loved having the responsibility of running my own desk, taking creative lead and running campaigns. (I wasn’t just there to make things look pretty – honest!)


Why I got Engaged

I was looking for a permanent career elsewhere as I wanted to do something completely different. I actually initially applied for a role through Engage, so having been through the process as a candidate, the guys brought me in for a chat. Little did I know, is that they all wanted to see how I would potentially fit into THEIR team and although I had no recruitment experience, they could see past that and thought my ethical and pro-active approach along with my values matched with their own and that I could bring this across in my approach. It’s a fantastic team of people, always upbeat and to me, it’s so refreshing to work alongside a team who care about what they do and I’m proud to now be a part of that.


What Engages Me

I love to keep myself busy as much as possible. I’m probably the biggest geek in the office (I have recently just organised my Marvel BluRay collection by order of timeline – yup!). From my Friday night ritual with my friends of online gaming with a beverage or two in hand, doting on my child (which is of the four-legged feline variety), spending time with family, going to see as many films in a year as possible with my other half, listening to and creating music, discovering new places, food and when I can fit it in… I love placing spray paint to canvas when I can in my spare time and create a little artwork here and there.  

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