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Chris Munoz

Marketing Manager

Before I got Engaged

I had been working in media for most of my career, which I loved, unfortunately, there was no smokey corner office, a ‘booze drawer’ or a Cuban cigar insight (ala Mr Don Draper). It was all very creative however and I really enjoyed working out how to use both artwork and digital technologies to full effect.

After this, I went full-on contractual marketing both traditionally and digitally, helping businesses gain the most of today’s ever-changing digital world. I loved having the responsibility of running my own desk, taking the creative lead and running campaigns. (I wasn’t just there to make things look pretty – honest!)


Why I got Engaged

I was looking for a permanent career in a completely different industry; somewhere in where I could really challenge myself but also be given the responsibility to make a role my own. I initially applied for a role that was attractive, through Engage, so I was introduced to the guys as I was being considered for it. 

After a brilliant experience, the guys brought me in for a chat. Little did I know, is that they were scoping me out! They wanted to see how I would potentially fit into THEIR team and although I had no recruitment experience, they could see where my passion lay in both people and creativity and brought me into the team as their Marketing and Candidate Manager.

It’s a fantastic team of people, always upbeat and to me, it’s so refreshing to work alongside a team who care about what they do and I’m proud to now be a part of that.

It has its ups; it has its frustrations...but what good relationship doesn't?


What Engages Me

Loads. My amazing fiance who puts up with my constant drivel, my Friday night ritual with my friends of online gaming with a beverage or two in hand (how rock & roll am I?), doting on our child (which is of the four-legged feline variety), spending time with family, producing music with my best mate, thinking that we'll become the new 'Daft Punk', wandering, discovering new places, cooking, friends. family...the works.

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