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Monica O'Brien

Recruitment Consultant


Before I got Engaged


I previously worked in temp recruitment within the Logistics sector and found a real passion for my job. I originally come from a teaching background, having studied Education and History at university and then gone on to teach for a while after graduating. I learned so many skills and experiences from teaching, which have become transferrable throughout the beginning of my career, and I continue to utilise them daily.


Why I got Engaged


I honestly love recruitment and engaging with a variety of clients and candidates. I find it genuinely rewarding to place people in positions where they can thrive and support them on their journey to get there. I wanted to move into something different within recruitment, which is where I liked the idea of permanent positions – and I am now so excited to develop my skills further while channelling them in a different direction!


What Engages Me


My fur baby, Archie, is an absolute bundle of happiness and always cheers me up regardless of how my day has gone, well he does now that he’s out of the puppy stage, and I can come home to the furniture unharmed! My family are a massive part of my life, three older brothers down to two gorgeous nieces, there's plenty of us to love. And gin is always a shining light, especially when shared with my friends!



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