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Sofia Sansovini

The Organiser of Things


Before Engage I worked within Administration for two years within construction and distribution, I love the organisation of the office and the office environment all working towards a common goal. I studied financial services at college so hopefully, put what I learned to beneficial use.


Why I got Engaged

The right staff is essential to making a business work so recruiting the right people to fit the company and the goal is like finding the right piece of a jigsaw. Of course, the goal is finding the right people for the right job somewhere they can thrive and achieve their goals and I found that here at Engage.


What Engages Me 

Dog vs Cat person, I am both the goal is to eventually own a German Sheppard however now I have one black cat called Pablo and he is the pride and joy of the family! Although he can be a pest waking us up for cuddles before the sun is up, my sister and I are like chalk and cheese, but we are a great team when we are not shouting at each other we are Italian, so we fit the loud and expressive stereotypes. I have recently passed my driving test and I love the freedom it provides although I have my mums clumsy driving skills.

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