We’ve always wanted to do this, advertise a job without any of the sales jargon, just being honest and simplistic about what is offered, required and expected.

So here goes - wish us luck!


RECRUITMENT PERSON (You can call yourself whatever you like)

So firstly, about Engage; less than 2 years old (so flying through the disruptive toddler stage) growing fast is such good fun. We’ve got a strong set of values which we all try very hard to live by;  we are not always successful, but always respectful!


Our Offer

We are united, share common bonds and really care about each other. The team has a family feel and we go the extra mile for each other - we genuinely want to see our Engage family do well.   Sometimes our passion trips over into disagreements, but we get over it quickly and move on!  And we’re all the better for it.  Every day there is laughter. Every day there is a challenge. Every day we battle in our marketplace. Sometimes we win and sometimes we don’t but we’re in it together. We all share in the rewards.


What are we looking for? 

The values/behavioural fit is the most important thing of all – humour, honesty, care, respect, passion, energy, listening, desire to succeed and relationship focus.

Taking ownership, going out on a limb for your clients and candidates, being accountable.  

It’s a sales role, so sales experience in a business to business role either in recruitment or a similar service is needed, as is a good business grounding. Everything else we’d be delighted to support you to learn. 


What do we expect? 

Pride in achieving, a smile, sharing, excitement, building relationships, sleeves-rolled-up, deliver on your promises, ambition and the ability to commit long-term, and most importantly being happy!



So there it is warts and all. This is us. Don't believe us? Hear what we have to say about it!



Contact anne-marie.hamill@engagerecruit.co.uk for a chat