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12 March 2019

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Having recently left Enigma People (after 13 years!) I thought I'd better get my LinkedIn up-to-date, in preparation for my next adventure.

My departure has been amicable, both parties agreeing that it was probably time to go in different directions - it happens and it's cool.

I'd written a short post, asking if anyone that I'd worked with would be so kind as to write me a recommendation - given that my last ones were from 2012!

I received this from a candidate I'd helped a while ago

Jamie Hollern

May 9, 2018, Jamie was a client of David’s

I applied for a job through David’s firm when I was a recently redundant junior developer, a number of years ago during the recession. The process went very well, but in the end the role was given to someone more experienced than I. However, David didn’t forget about me and helped me secure another role, even though it had no financial benefit to him. I have never forgotten the kindness and patience he showed me, especially when many in his industry would have moved on without hesitation. I was a young man that simply needed was a break, and he recognised that and helped me. I’m now well established and successful in my industry, and I owe a part of that to David Mains. I would work with him again without a second thought.

Humbled ain't even the start of it .... it was something I'd done without giving it a second thought - a talented young developer, desperate for a new role and a client I kind of knew who were launching something new - a good match and a good thing for both of them. I’ve probably done it a dozen times over the years, but I didn’t really realise until now that it’s only simple when you have the right network and knowledge ….

So, with that in mind and some time on my hands before I start my new adventure, let’s pay it forward – if you work in digital or IT and you’re struggling to find a new job AND/ OR if you can’t fill a vacancy in your company, give me a shout and I’ll see what I can do. It might be simple CV advice, it might be that I know someone that’s looking for someone with your skills or it might just be (if we get lucky!) that your skills match what someone has asked for.

I can’t promise to help everyone, but perhaps my knowledge and experience could help another Jamie?


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